December 2, 2021

Described in word, the Geometrix collection is Joyful!

The Akan culture of Ghana has several symbols which represent concepts and carry proverbial meanings. These symbols are referred to as Adinkra, which literally means saying goodbye. They can be found primarily on cloth, other fashion items, but are also as logos, motifs on furniture and decorations on walls. 

In the Geometrix collection, we explore the graphic qualities of the Adinkra symbols in bold, playful and contemporary ways. The concept is to create an array of textile patterns with colors that stand out as these patterns do.

For this collection, I started off with Adinkrahene symbol, chief or king of all the symbols literally translated, which stands for greatness, charisma and leadership. Drawing on my architectural background, I unfold the circular lines and immerse them in a lively color palette inspired by tropical fruits – lime, lemon green and orange.

Alongside the decorative pillows in this collection, which come in 24″x24″ and 18″x18″, each pattern comes in a 54″ wide 10-yard panel giving a range of options for custom projects.

Discover the Geometrix collection and bring that joyful energy into your space!


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